Firefighting is a demanding task. Taking extremely high risks and taking action in all sorts of situations requires determination, rigorous training and a great deal of passion. At INNOTEX®, we understand and share that passion. Our team takes nothing for granted. We don’t hesitate to redefine tradition and refresh proven ideas, thanks to the clever use we make of modern technologies. Pride is the drive of firefighters, ours is to see you protected by our gear.

Our craft goes back over a hundred years ago in 1889 at our Canadian facility where various garments were produced. In the late 1960s, the company became the outerwear division of Bombardier Recreational Products that was later sold to Camoplast Inc. After over 20 years of manufacturing extreme sports outerwear, winter sports and football protective equipment, the transition began to FR industrial and military protective apparel in the mid-1980s.

In 1999, a new management team decided to merge the know-how of extreme sports and fire retardant for industrial and military use in the designing and manufacturing of apparel. With the idea to create a line of turnout gear, INNOTEX was born. It’s mission: to continuously innovate through textile. The first UL® certified turnout gear was subsequently made in 2001.