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Melting glaciers, dried-out rivers and flooding around the world are the dramatic images of the past three decades. One thing is for sure. No matter which way you look at it, climate change is a big, complicated, multilateral problem that we are all responsible in finding a sustainable solution. The rise of Green tech across the world and all areas of engineering is essential. Green technology isn’t just about wind, solar or alternative fuel anymore. Surely a few inspiring individuals out there are breaking new ground with innovative ideas that no one’s ever explored before. For FirePro, our environment conscious engineers are the ultimate green heroes. Which is all the more reason why we owe these remarkably intelligent people a huge round of applause. This video is a dedication to them and their dreams!

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Environmentally Friendly Fire Suppression

The condensed aerosol fire suppression technology came into prominence as a result of the 1994 Montreal Protocol. The international treaty banned ozone depleting substances, such as Halon and other halocarbon- and chlorofluorocarbon-based substances. Thus, our fire protection technology offers a sustainable future for humanity.

In particular FirePro products are:

  • 15-year Product Life
  • Non-Pressurized
  • Non-Oxygen Depleting
  • HFC-free
  • CFC-free
  • Zero Global Warming Potential
  • Halon Alternative
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential
  • Manufactured Under ISO 14001/9001 Standards

Fire Extinguishing Technology

Our Fire Extinguishing Technology

FirePro fire suppression systems contain the latest generation of our FPC Compound, consisting mainly of Potassium salts with non-pyrotechnic materials. Upon activation, the FPC transforms into a rapidly expanding highly efficient and effective fire suppression condensed aerosol that is distributed evenly in the protected enclosure using the momentum developed in the transformation process. In contrast to the traditional fire extinguishing methods (gaseous or fire sprinkler systems), the fire is extinguished predominately by interrupting the chemical chain reactions in the flame as per the tetrahedron of fire, without depleting oxygen. Furthermore, FirePro is compatible with conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.

Illusuak Cultrual Centre

Illusuak Cultrual Centre

The Illusuak Cultrual Centre is a museum in Nain where we installed a large FirePro fire suppression system, the largest installation in North America in 2019. Beautiful place and beautiful people. Illusuak Cultural Centre / Illusuak IlikKusiligijingita SuliaKapvinga

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